Graduation: "Smart Cookie" Milk and Cookies Dessert Table

A milk and cookie dessert bar for a "Smart Cookie" graduation theme. Label items Vary containers by using metal tubs, glass jars, wooden trays etc. Create a fun sign. Make a donut topiary. Start with a topiary made of styrofoam. Brush a layer of decoupage (modpodge) on the styrofoam and cover with a layer of colored tissue paper or wrapping paper. Allow it to dry. Put toothpicks into the topiary and then put donut holes on the tooth picks. Milk and Cookie Buffet Tips 1. Have 5-6 cookie choices. In addition we had peanut butter fudge and brownies. 2. Don't try to bake them all yourself. Ask friends to bake their favorite cookie 3. Have different style containers and different heights. 4. Labe

Mother to Mother - "just because..."

Sometimes moms need support from other moms. Maybe you have a friend who is a single mom, or struggling with an illness, or recently lost someone. Maybe you have a friend who is constantly giving to other people and needs a reminder that she is worthy to be cared for. A small gift bag with chocolates, a scented candle, lotion and a perhaps a magazine is a good way to tell someone; "I'm thinking about you". Years ago, a friend dropped a bag filled with these items at my door with a note saying; "just because...". It meant so much that someone was thinking of me. I have found that in the busyness of life I often don't do anything for someone in need because I don't have time to make or buy thi

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