Graduation Party: 3 Perfect Salads

It’s that time of year! Graduation season is right around the corner. I’ve got a son graduating from high school this year. Joseph wants a hot dog bar which you can see in my previous post. But what to serve along with hot dogs for those people who don't want to eat hot dogs...SALADS! I have 3 salads that are perfect for your graduation party: The Fruit Salad, The Pasta Salad, and The "Healthy" Salad. I hope these ideas will help you plan your celebrations. The fruit salad is healthy, pretty and easy to create. Chop the fruit the morning of and place the different fruit is large zip lock bags. Store in the fridge. When it is party time, place the fruit in a large bowl, mix and put in a

Graduation Party: Do-it-Yourself Hotdog Bar

For those of you who have graduates this year, a hotdog bar is an easy, inexpensive, fun food for your high schooler's graduation party! Signage makes a huge impact. Love the hotdog cooker and bun steamer we rented from Taylor Rental! The condiments were placed in glass bowls. The labels were placed in birch cardholders.

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