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Crazy Over-the-Top Birthday Milkshake

Celebrating Sara's birthday with a Crazy Milkshake.

She couldn't decide if she wanted a cake or a pie for her birthday. So instead, we made this over-the-top strawberry milkshake topped with a strawberry frosted donut, white chocolate chips whipped cream and candy, skewered marshmallows. She loved it!!!

Here are a few other Crazy Milkshakes!

Vanilla Ice cream with swirled Caramel sauce. The rim was smothered with chocolate canned frosting then dredged in heath pieces. Whipped cream was added to the top of the milkshake then your favorite sweet treats placed on top. YUM!!

Everything Chocolate Crazy Shake with chocolate malt milkshake, melted chocolate around the rim of the glass, chocolate whipped cream, with chocolate shavings, oreo cookies and a pirouette cookie. Make this an adult drink and add Baileys to the shake.

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