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Wood Stamping Pillows

What a fun project! After carving 4 wood blocks, Nancy Spooner and I created a process where each person could stamp their own pillows.

Nancy and I measured 2 inches from the edge and taped each pillow. This way people had to stay with in the limits of the inside of the tape as they stamped their pillows using the wood stamps we carved and paint.

People chose different paint and different lay outs. Here is a sample of 2 of the pillows after we took the tape off.

Some people embellished the pillows. This pillow was embellished with embroidery using a french knot to make "snow".

This pillow was embellished with snow flakes using paint.

This pillow was embellished with paint and embroidery.

I added embroidered french knots on the tree of this pillow to make it look like it had ornaments on.

French knots are very easy to make. Check out my other blog: for monthly art/craft projects that we offer to the public.

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