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Baby Shower: "Sew Sweet"

"Sew Sweet"...I love creating themes for events! For this particular baby shower I met with the mother who described what her nursery was going to look like. She wanted pale yellow, mint green and orange and her theme was going to be "Monkeys" (both she and her husband love wall climbing). So I created this theme for her baby shower. Keeping in mind that all the decorations I created for her baby shower could be used in her nursery. In this post you will find decorations and diy ideas.

I started the design process by finding an invitation. You can buy this adorable circus theme invitation at Target .

The papers, tags, and ribbon I bought at Michaels, the fabrics at Hobby Lobby, and the string, frame and napkins at T.J. Maxx.

For every Baby Shower I like to come up with an activity for the guests. The activity for this shower was "Create a onsie".

Preparing the craft:


1/2 yard of 3 different coordinating fabrics

Different size white onsies. Hobby Lobby sells them.

iron on adhesive binding


Animal Silhouettes





Safety Pins

Directions for preparing the craft

1) Choose coordinating fabrics that coordinated with the decor.

2) Iron on adhesive binding right on to the wrong side of the fabric. ( You can get iron on adhesive binding at Joanne's)

3) Using the silhouette's below, trace the silhouette onto the paper side of the fabric.

4) Cut out silhouette's

5) Write "Made From" on the tags and put ribbon through the tags

6) Place safety pins in a container with the tags

Directions for making a onsie for the baby (I typed these directions out on a piece of paper and framed them for the party)

1) Choose a onsie size

2) Choose a silhouette

3) Peel the paper off the fabric

4) Place the silhouette on the onsie shiny side down

5) Iron to adhere. Hold for at least 8 seconds. Do not use steam

6) Fill out the "Made from" tag and pin it on the back of the onsie.

Some people put two silhouettes on one shirt.

Other's used one silhouette. Some people ironed it on the front like this one, others ironed it on the back.

I bought these clothes pins from Michaels

I also bought a few bibs to be appliquéd.

For decorations I made a fabric banner using the same fabric as the appliques. I tore the fabric into 2 inch by 20 inch strips and tied them to roping to create the banner. This banner hung above the baby's bed in the nursery.

For the picture, I found a frame at Hobby Lobby that was in the clearance section for $5. Used wrapping paper for the back ground and cut out elephant silhouettes and glued them on.

My goal is to inspire people to create. Some readers will duplicate everything, others will pick out one idea. Yet others will be inspired to create something totally original. Whatever you are inspired to do...ENJOY!!!

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