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Larry and Karen's 50th Anniversary Party Oh the Places You Will Go

The first of four venues was their church for a vow renewal.

The evening began at their church where they renewed their vows.

We made her train 15 feet long.

And Larry of course wore a Dr. Seuss hat and bow tie.

Each of the 100 guests were given a bag to hold the gifts they were to receive at each venue. Two charter buses transported the guests from one venue to the next.

Celebrated with bubbles

Then on to their blueberry farm for appetizers

Guests could pick blueberries if they wanted.

Then off to ODL, their family business for dinner around the world.

The fourth and final venue: The cafeteria transformed into a comedy club! After dinner we had a table of coffee cups (JOE) filled with coffee and water bottles for the guests to grab on their way to the night club. Cream and sugar were on each table.

By draping the entire cafeteria in black we made it look like a night club. Adding a gray curtain with up lights created the stage.

We draped polka dot fabric at each dessert table and added a red up light for accent.

Red velvet cupcakes and white chocolate toasted coconut popcorn were the desserts.

A beautiful evening for a beautiful couple!

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