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Christmas Cookies as Gifts

When giving edible gifts, packaging is just as important as the baked goodies! Try one, or all, of these easy (and inexpensive!) tips for your cookie gifts this Christmas season.

TIP 1: Use the same dough to make 5 different types of cookies. I used a basic sugar cookie recipe to make the cookies above using a different cookie cutter. I made them different sizes, frosted some, dusted some with powdered sugar, sandwiched some with raspberry jam, added pecans to others.

TIP 2: Use a box with a transparent lid and made dividers out of a cut up box. Each type of cookie is nestled in it's own compartment.

TIP 3: Shredded craft paper is the perfect material to keep the cookies from being tossed around as you deliver this gift.

TIP 4: Place a little ornament in the corner of the box to add a special Christmas touch to the gift.

TIP 5: Tie a ribbon around one of the cookies to bring color into the package.

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