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 Cooking & d.i.y Classes    







"A cooking class with Donna will both entertain and empower you.  Charming, clever, funny, encouraging -- there aren't enough flattering adjectives to describe the experience of  Donna's cooking lesson.  I'd have been content to merely spend the class time in Donna's company, as funny and warm as she is.  But the bonus here is that you get to create and enjoy  delicious foods!!"


Donna Sawyer's hands on cooking classes are taught in her kitchen, at Fustini's and HOM in Holland MI and in client's homes.  After you and your friends cook and create your meal, you will enjoy your meal and wine at the celebration table. Contact Donna by going on the CONTACT button and messaging her. Please include your name and email and she will get back to you.


Private Custom Classes

Bridal Shower Cooking Classes  ***  Girl's Night Out Cooking Classes  ***  Couple's Cooking Classes




What to expect at a cooking class 

What to expect at Cooking Classes

  • You will work in small groups of 3-4 people to produce the classes’ entire menu; not just 1 or 2 courses of the meal.

  • Class size is limited to 12 students only, ensuring you will receive one-on-one attention and instruction.

  • Once cooking is complete, you will sit down (with your instructor) to enjoy the fruits of your labor. All food made in the cooking class will be consumed during the class. No food will be taken home, unless otherwise noted in the class description.

  • Menu may slightly change to accommodate seasonal produce and ingredient availability.

  • Classes are 3 hours in length unless otherwise indicated.

  • Bring your own wine to enjoy during the class and during dinner.

Additional Items for cooking parties


Items for Purchase


Personalized Dish Towels

Parting Gifts


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